Through our work helping to save Veterans Memorial Coliseum, I have met hundreds of veterans in Portland. I have heard many of the issues that concern veterans, and now count many more veterans as my friends. The Coliseum is special, it is a large visible tribute to Portland's veterans, but there is far more to helping our veterans than the Coliseum. My experience in homelessness, affordable housing and activism will be an asset for veterans. Veterans will have another friend and advocate in City Hall with me as Commissioner.


Thank you Veterans.

Let me know your ideas on Veterans
in Portland.

 Stuart with Vietnam veteran



Veterans Memorial Coliseum saved

I feel lucky to even be here today, after finally hearing the story of my Dad's ship, the USS Franklin, well after he died IN 1979. On TV one night in 1998, I watched a video taken from a US plane flying over an aircraft carrier 50 miles from the Japanese mainland on March 19, 1945. The ship was an inferno, flames reaching two hundred feet in the air, the Franklin engulfed in black smoke. Over 800 Americans perished. I shuddered. 'Oh my gosh', I thought, 'my Dad was on that ship'. I can only imagine what he went through, and what his shipmates went through. He never wanted to talk about it, and I can now understand.

A historic photo of the ship (shown on right) hangs next to my desk now, reminding me every day of what he endured and how through his, and millions of other brave men and women's effort and sacrifice, my son Will and I enjoy our freedom today.

Vets in front of Veterans Memorial Coliseum

Stuart's Dad's ship, the USS Franklin, 'Big Ben'. W. Stuart Emmons was one of the men on the flight deck.