"Stuart Emmons is the most arts, design and culturally adept person to run for a city council seat in Portland since Vera. ... He went to art school, knows what kind of space artists need + he's built affordable housing and is not bound by class, social cliques or age. ..."



I am from the arts and design community, and I will help increase awareness of the arts and culture and help improve the access to the arts in our schools.


Arts and Culture are a huge part of Portland’s livability and quality of life. They are also a great way to express our cultural heritage and our wonderful diverse cultures in Portland.




 Stuart with art gallery owner Jeffrey Thomas



I went to the School for American Craftsmen for woodworking and have taught woodworking at OCAC. I have been on the PNCA Board, RACC selection committees and Portland Art Museum advancement committee. I am an architect, an urban designer, and I like to draw and build things.

Malia Jensen sculpture at Fire 27 - building designed by Stuart Emmons

Sean Healy sculpture at Guardian - interior designed by Stuart Emmons

Elizabeth Leach, Stuart and artist Jinie Park




Dana Lynn Louis sculpture at Fire 9 - building designed by Stuart Emmons

Stuart making a chair - 1973