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Affordable Housing




Will and Stuart Emmons, November 2015

Stuart cutting dovetails, 1972

Stuart in his woodshop, 1979

I am a non-politician from the community. I have become more and more concerned about issues that threaten our city's livability.


My background as an architect, urban designer, planner, small business owner, manager, preservationist, writer, school advocate, and community activist is a perfect fit for our City Council right now. It's time to set the right priorities and get things done.


I came to Portland in 1976 from Philadelphia as a woodworker, attended PSU 1979-1981, went away in 1982 to go to Pratt Institute (B. Arch. 1986) and Harvard University (M. Arch. 1988). I worked in NYC and LA before returning with my family in 1995. I started my architecture and planning firm in 1997 in my basement and it grew from there. My son, Will, 22, is a Portland Public School graduate, and will graduate from the College of William & Mary in May.


EXPERIENCE. I have done projects throughout Portland, and have extensive experience in most of the issues that are pressing at City Hall right now. Architecture and planning is not just about buildings, it is about working with community members collaboratively to make solutions that are responsive to people's desires. My architectural work includes projects for the homeless, affordable housing, education, government and commercial projects. My urban design work includes planning projects for downtown Portland and neighborhoods throughout Portland. I understand how density impacts livability, and I try to make plans that communities like. I also know our Portland schools well from my district-wide school volunteer work.


I am solutions based. I am interested in our local issues. I have a reputation for finding common ground and being effective. Even though I'm not from government, I know how to get things done in City Hall after years of working with the city on projects. My real world experience, creative problem solving abilities, and ability to listen and bring people together is well-known. I will be an engine for action to help cut through the red tape in Portland City Hall.

My Story

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Stuart at Mt. Rainier, November 10, 2014

Stuart and Rey EspaƱa with Golden Hammer award for excellence in affordable housing for their Kah San Chako Haws project. 2013

Stuart with Nate H's family and friends, 2015

Stuart with 5th Graders, 2014

Stuart and Nate at Nate H's coming home party, 2015

Stuart biking 'the loop', 2015

Stuart collaborating with Communities of Color team on project for 42nd and Killingsworth, 2006

Stuart with Jason, 2015

Stuart at the Fire 27 opening, 2006

Stuart collaborating with Delta House members, 2002