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Priorities / Issues

HOMELESSNESS in Portland is appalling - it is terrible for everyone. It is time to bring people into City Hall who have the ideas, passion and experience to help address this crisis. Like me.


AFFORDABLE HOUSING. There is not enough affordable housing in Portland, and this has caused rapidly escalating rents, displacement, homelessness, school drop-outs. My ideas and experience in affordable housing will increase affordable housing.


SCHOOLS. Schools are a foundation of our city, a gateway out of poverty, an important part of our quality of life. Approximately 43% of our students of color don’t graduate from high school on time. City Hall can, and should, help schools more.


LISTENING TO THE COMMUNITY is a critical component of any successful public project in Portland. The goal is to build trust, listen, collaborate and make great projects together with the community.


EQUITY There are too many people being left behind. A lack of equity is just not right, everyone needs to be given a shot at succeeding. A lack of equity pulls our whole city down.


JOBS, ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT. We need to promote more products and services that can be exported to other states and countries. I will work to help grow responsible businesses in Portland to increase jobs and build wealth for all Portlanders.


DENSITY. We are going to grow. We need an expert on City Council who understands what Portland’s quality of life means, and how we can keep our character and livability as we grow.


ARTS & CULTURE are a huge part of Portland’s livability and health. I am from the arts and design community, and I will help increase awareness of the arts and nurture our design and cultural communities.


DESIGN I am from the design community. I will help increase awareness of design in Portland, help more school kids get involved in design, and help Portland's economy by making Portland a design capital. The design community will have a new advocate.


STREETS Most of us agree that our streets need attention, and street maintenance is way behind. It's all about how we approach this challenge collectively and fairly. By listening. By working together. By coming to community-based solutions.


PARKS are a huge part of Portland's quality of life. Places to see friends and meet new ones. Places for kids to play and unwind. They're good for kids, good for adults. The better our Parks are, the better Portland is.


HIGHER EDUCATION is a key part of our culture, economy and success. Our colleges and universities help our next generation prepare for good jobs and help to making us more competitive with other cities.


SUSTAINABILITY. Growing sustainability in Portland will help us create more family wage jobs, grow our economy and most importantly, be the kind of aspirational goal that will make us an even greater city.


ENVIRONMENT As we grow, we need to keep Portland the Portland we desire, a city that has access to open spaces and wilderness, clean air, clean water, places for wildlife to thrive.


WORKING FAMILIES The middle class has lost ground for decades. Many of our working families have less income as a percentage of expenses, and many have had their life savings impacted. Growing family wage jobs should be a priority.


VETERANS Through my work helping to save Veterans Memorial Coliseum, I have met hundreds of veterans in Portland. I have heard many stories, and now count many more veterans as my friends.


SENIORS quality of life is important for all of us. Our city can help seniors through increasing affordable housing and through good planning that reduces food deserts and increases transit options and access to services.


EARTHQUAKE PREP. As an architect, I understand what needs to be done, and we have a ways to go to be more prepared. I am especially focused on schools, for the safety of our kids and teachers, but also as shelters for large numbers of people.


QUALITY OF LIFE. It’s Portland, that’s why we’re here. As we grow, we need someone on City Council who is an expert on density and livability, who understands Portland values and what makes our quality of life so enviable.