Affordable Housing

Residents from Kah San Chako Haws, the affordable housing Stuart designed for NAYA in Lents.

Housing is at the root of almost all of Portland's most pressing issues.


Affordable Housing takes too long and the unit costs are too high.


Yes, we will need to make some public investments, but I want to help insure that public money is spent as wisely as possible to maximize units delivered as rapidly as possible.


What is taking the  2016 housing bond, that Portland voters generously voted for, so long to get going? When is the housing going to open?


I share the continuing frustration. I will work hard to help significantly improve the delivery of affordable housing in Portland collaboratively with other commissioners and community members. I am results oriented. We need to deliver more affordable housing faster and at less cost.


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Kah San Chako Haws



I am housing unit quantity focused. I am housing unit reduced time delivery focused.


My experience in affordable housing includes land acquisition, development, design, to construction; both for private developers and non-profits. I also have a deep knowledge of funding sources, regulations (building and zoning codes), the people who develop, fund and build affordable housing, and working with neighborhoods.


I have a long track record as being a consensus builder, who listens and produces solutions that get built.


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Interstate Crossing

Interstate Zoning

Lewis & Clark Plaza

MLK Gateway

Parthenon Center

Delta House