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Flagstaff-based incubator helps Native American entrepreneurs build businesses

The Native American Business Incubator Network wants to increase the number of Native American-owned businesses through social entrepreneurship.


I experienced the percent of minority participation as an aspirational goal when I did projects for the city and PDC. It was really hard for me to find enough minority businesses in some professions. Because of this, when I did a proposal for PDC for a development project on MLK, I included a plan to take a class of Jefferson High School students along for the whole project to see all phases and try to inspire as many as possible to consider starting their own businesses in construction trades. PDC had absolutely no interest in this. The city wanted to increase minority participation, but they did not support increasing minority participation where it needs to start.

“Stuart has a keen understanding of the 2 Portlands. The people being left behind will now have a true ally.”



There are 2 Portlands. A lack of equity pulls our whole city down, everyone needs to be given a fair shot at succeeding. There are too many people being left behind.


I abhor racism. I am mad that some members of our community, mostly from communities of color, are being given less opportunities, and I am determined to make good progress on this inequity. Disparity is one of the primary reasons I am running.


My life has been intertwined with projects with communities of color, and those projects have been my most fulfilling. I have a deep desire to make our city more equitable. The gaps are getting larger. I see housing, schools, access to higher education, and well paying jobs as the foundation. Respect for all community members from all members of our community and police are equally important.


There are many more things City Hall can do. My work on schools, affordable housing, on planning communities gives me a great foundation. On Council, I will listen and collaborate with communities of color leaders to find solutions, and work to get them implemented.


Listening. There will be not only an open door to my office, but Communities of Color members and representatives will be consulted and collaborated with on an on-going basis in my office. My goal is to greatly reduce disparity.


Police. The police and communities of color have issues that need to be addressed at once. Things need to change. People need to feel safe and respected. A level of trust needs to be formed. I would like to see more emphasis on community policing, and making police reflect the communities they are policing. We have a lot of work to do to make things better.


Incarceration Rates. The ratio of whites to individuals of color in our prison system is a good indicator of this tragic problem. There are far too many men and women of color in our prison system. Families are negatively impacted, kids are being negatively impacted, communities are being negatively impacted.


Schools. Other cities have proven that involvement with schools by City Hall is a very good idea. Please click here for schools.


On-time high school graduation rates for kids of color need to be significantly increased. See my 80% in 4 years below. As a Commissioner, I will work hard with school districts and other governments, businesses and non-profits to help raise graduation rates and improve outcomes for kids of color. I want to ultimately see a 95% graduation rate for all kids. I also want to see other metrics improved.


Youth Programs need to be supported and enhanced. Afternoons, weekends, summers. Outdoor School. From my work especially in Rockwood, I saw first hand how gangs terrorized otherwise peaceful neighborhoods, and gangs recruited/preyed on kids who had little to do after school and on weekends. Kids with working parents need to have positive choices after school, on weekends and during the summer, so they won't be preyed on by gang members. Gang members who terrorize neighborhoods are an assault on everyone's right to live in peace and feel safe.


Grow Minority Businesses: We need to build more wealth in communities of color - the gaps tell the reason why - and to do that, one solution is to grow more minority businesses.  A focus only on the 'here-and-now' and not focusing on the foundations in our schools (such as Benson) and non-profits (such as NAYA) needs to change to bring on an improvement in minority hiring. And I intend to prioritize this.


Health. I support measures to improve access to quality heathcare for our communities of color. I also support measures to promote healthy living for kids and their families.


Diversity on City Council is an ongoing challenge. I absolutely favor steps to open up City Council to more diversity and representation and will help in that regard.


My Council Office will have a goal of at least 50% for members of communities of color for our team.



NAYA Campus



I have done a lot of projects with Communities of Color members, and seen the statistics in our community related to equity and talked to many people about them: graduation rates, poverty, addiction, outcomes, incarceration, housing inequities, business obstacles.

MLK Gateway at Fremont

Albina Head Start with affordable housing above.