Stuart with architect Bill Rouzie


Our seniors' quality of life is important for all of us. Quality of life for seniors includes affordable housing, good transit options, access to shopping, healthcare, and cultural offerings. Seniors need enough income to live comfortably, and good options to socialize with family, neighbors and community. Our city can help seniors through increasing affordable housing and through good planning that reduces food deserts and increases transit options and access to services.

Let me know your ideas on helping Seniors in Portland.

 Lewis & Clark Plaza



I have worked on numerous senior projects, starting with the Ken Edwards Center that housed a senior lunch and activity center, and a senior health center, giving seniors a place to go and socialize during the day. I've designed three senior housing projects, with the Lewis & Clark Plaza being built with 42 apartments for seniors, a common room, and the Lewis & Clark museum. The museum allowed residents to docent and explain the L & C expedition to school age children and families from the community.


Ken Edwards Center

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Parthenon Center, Lents



This is a photo of my visit with Holly Silverthorne last year in West Chester, PA. Holly was a huge influence in my early youth. She taught me to sculpt, but more importantly, she made it OK to be a person who liked to make art at my school. Years spent in Holly's kitchen, seeing her amazing clay busts of people, inspired me to follow my passions. Thank you Holly.

Holly Siverthorne and Stuart, 2014

Polly McKellip (great aunt) with Stuart and brother Mark, 1983