Let me know your ideas on improving our Preparedness in Portland.

 Smiths Block - full seismic strengthening

Earthquake Preparedness

We can be better prepared, and should be better prepared for earthquakes.


I am especially concerned about schools, both for the safety of our kids and teachers, but also as potential shelters for large numbers of people. I would like to try to help make our new and some existing schools more earthquake resistant, and able to function as emergency shelters.


I will keep an eye on things we can do to protect us better during and earthquake, and work with agencies, schools and other organizations to keep getting more ready. I will also seek out funds from other sources that will help us be more earthquake ready.


Thank you Kathryn Shulz, Ted Wolf, Tom Horning, and my structural engineering professors at Pratt Institute for helping me to understand seismic issues and earthquake preparedness better.




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My family and I went through the 6.7 magnitude Northridge earthquake on January 17, 1994. My 7 month old son Will was in his crib. I ran and grabbed him, holding him in my arms in a doorway as our house swayed violently. There was no time to get outside. Afterwards, In my role as an architect, I went through several large buildings near the epicenter. 57 people perished in that quake, it caused billions of dollars in damage, including a freeway bridge that collapsed near our home.

As an architect I have designed many buildings to resist lateral earthquake forces. I designed 5 fire stations to withstand powerful earthquakes, and act as shelters for community members. Just last year, I researched the 8.7 - 9.2 magnitude Cascadia earthquake in 1700.

Fire 41, among 5 stations with full seismic strengthening and designed as emergency shelters

 Deschutes Brew Pub - full seismic strengthening