Working Families

The middle class has lost ground for decades, with the housing crisis followed by the Great Recession further reducing middle class wealth*. Many of our working families have less income as a percentage of expenses, and many have had their life savings impacted post Great Recession.


In addition, our city is seeing unprecedented population growth. Will there be enough jobs for everyone? And what types of jobs will they be?


The economy is important for everyone's quality of life. City government should be proactive in helping to foster and grow middle class jobs.

Concrete Pour - Kah San Chako Haws, a project Stuart designed.



I was a Journeyman in Millmen and Cabinetmakers  - Industrial Carpenters local union 2236 in 1982. After that I went to architecture school, and started a long career in the building trades where I worked collaboratively with many people in the building trades. My designing five fire stations also made me familiar with firefighter's jobs and issues important to them. More recently, with my school activism, I have seen many teachers in Portland classrooms, and have realized that the City could help teachers in numerous ways.


Stuart with Josh, IBEW, outside of a project they are working on together.

Stuart with Mike Stobbie, UA Local 290, working on a project together.

Firefighters at Fire 9, a project Stuart designed.

PPS art class

* The American Middle Class is Losing Ground, Pew Research Center, December 9, 2015.

Stuart in his Hammond, OR woodshop in 1979