Economic Development

Portland businesses are incredibly important to our success as a city and our quality of life. Building more wealth in our city will help us address some of our pressing social issues as well. As we grow, the need for well paying jobs will become even more pronounced.


We need to promote more products and services that can be exported to other states and countries. City Hall can and should help. As a commissioner, I will listen and collaborate with business leaders, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and small business owners, along with other community members, and look for common ground to improve conditions and get things done. I am solutions focused. Growing responsible businesses in Portland to increase jobs and build wealth for all Portlanders will be a focus of mine.

Emmons Design office in the Central Eastside 1999 - 2009



I am a small business owner, and have been in various business groups in the last decade, including Oregon Entrepreneur's Network. I also went on numerous Portland Ambassador Best Practices trips to see how other cities addressed economic development and jobs.

Design Festival 2004 - co-curated by Stuart Emmons, one way the City can help promote Oregon Businesses to people outside of Portland.


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